Chemuniqué – 25 years of being at the forefront of innovation

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From the humble beginnings of a few staff members in 1998 to a staff of 70 in a company that thrives on innovation in animal nutrition, Chemuniqué stands proud on its 25th anniversary and reflects on its accomplishments and success.

The company celebrated its 25th anniversary with an elegant function, where Dr Peter Plumstead, the innovation director of Chemuniqué, welcomed the guests and highlighted the company’s achievements. In the past 25 years, the company has continued building on its vision of creating new nutritional technologies to improve nutritional absorption of feeds, while reducing the costs of animal protein production. Dr Plumstead added that Chemuniqué aims to continue encouraging postgraduate studies and research in animal protein production and animal feed as there are still opportunities for growth in the industry.

Robyn Joubert, brand manager at Distinct, a division of Chemuniqué, highlighted the importance of the company and its positive contributions to the industry. The company strives for a culture in which employees are uplifted, enabling them to become the best they can be.

Terry Wiggill, managing director of Chemuniqué, thanked the industry for their support of the company. Wiggill said that Chemuniqué, as the rest of the industry, must remain adaptable to change as challenges including unstable water and energy supply, diseases and uncertainty about land ownership are faced daily. This leads to continuing with developing cost-effective innovative solutions and services.

Wiggill added that Distinct was created to improve communication between the company and consumers. He extended a special thanks to the staff as the company wouldn’t be the company it is today without their input and dedication. – Phillip Crafford, Plaas Media

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