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Agbiz Grain Quarterly keeps role-players in the grain handling and storage industry informed of new developments and important technical and scientific information. The May issue features industry specific content that includes information relating to fire protection compliance, buyer power regulations and much more.

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Read Agbiz Grain Quarterly in February

Agbiz Grain Quarterly is a digital magazine focussed on the grain handling and storage industry. The February issue looks back on the 2023 Agbiz media day, highlighting the issues that were discussed and focussing on possible outcomes for challenges grain handlers and storers are facing. Experts aim to simplify some complicated topics such as storage costs and what it entails, and the proposed grain passport system.

In the February issue:

  • 30 years of democracy – How has South Africa’s agricultural sector performed?
  • Economic outlook for 2024.
  • The falling number in wheat grading explained.
  • The JSE’s storage cost definitions.
  • Malting barley – a risky business.
  • Yay or nay to the grain passport system?
  • Standards for fumigation training in South Africa.
  • Health and safety: Noise monitoring and surveys in the workplace.
  • Competition Act buyer power guidelines’ applicability to storers and producers.
  • The Freight Logistics Roadmap.
  • And much more!

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