An important announcement was made during Nampo Harvest Day 2017. Bee health and dwindling bee numbers is an ongoing challenge and a matter that cannot be ignored.

Honey bees and other pollinators play an essential role in the pollination of a large number of flowering plants and food crops across the world. Unfortunately, these creatures face many challenges in survival – irresponsible use of pesticides being one. It became clear that cooperation is required between honey bee farmers and companies and roleplayers that use pesticides, to ensure that both parties act responsibly and consider the other.

Through the Bayer Bee Care programme, Dirk Uys, marketing manager of Bayer Crop Science Southern Africa, approached Agri SA to facilitate such a meeting. From these discussions, the Pollination Services Charter was born. The aim is to build relationships between crop growers, the crop protection industry and bee farmers in South Africa. This charter was introduced and signed by the various supporting organisations at Nampo Harvest Day 2017. -Marike Brits, AgriOrbit

See the full charter document here.

We caught up with Dirk Uys from Bayer Crop Science and Craig Campbell of the South African Bee Industry Organisation for more about this matter. They emphasise the importance of healthy communication between all parties.