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Book now for the Sernick Group’s Annual Farmers’ Day for Emerging Farmers

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Join us for the Sernick Annual Farmers’ Day for Emerging Farmers on 9 February 2024 at the Sernick farm near Edenville in the Free State. This day is hosted by SerDev, a company within the Sernick Group that is dedicated to developing Africa’s producers of tomorrow, today. SerDev offers training, mentorship, market access, and financial support to emerging producers, especially those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

To empower farmers, Nick Serfontein, the chairperson of the Sernick Group, and Patrick Sekwatlakwatla, the head of the emerging farmer development programme, teamed up to launch the farmers’ day in 2016 to support and educate emerging producers.

What to expect from the emerging farmers’ day

The farmers’ day is a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and capacity building for producers and other role-players in the livestock value chain. The event features presentations by experts on topics such as economics, disease prevention, the climate outlook and breeding techniques. The event also showcases the best practices and innovations of the Sernick Group, such as the Bonsmara breed, the Phase C testing station and the animal feed factory.

The farmers’ day includes a graduation ceremony for students who have completed their formal animal production studies up to NQF level 4. These students are part of the SerDev learnership programme, accredited by AgriSETA, and offer a National Diploma in Animal Production with a specialisation in beef production. The programme is presented online through e-learning modules and practical sessions are presented at the Sernick farm. Furthermore, it aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to manage and improve their livestock enterprises or to find employment opportunities in the sector.

Book your spot today

The farmers’ day is a free-of-charge event, but you need to register by 25 January 2024 to secure your spot. For more information or to put your name up for the event, send an email to Patrick@Sernickgroup.co.za or tebogo@sernick.co.za.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join SerDev and the Sernick Group for the farmers’ day and to become part of the livestock revolution in Africa. Sernick and SerDev looks forward to seeing you at the farmers’ day and to working with you to grow the livestock sector in Africa.

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