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Black sheep have never had a spot in Australia’s multibillion dollar wool industry, but the one-time outcast of the flock is now hot property. This is thanks to burgeoning interest in natural products both in Australia and overseas. Sophie Holt, who farms black Merinos, says the demand far outstretches the supply and the response has been incredible, especially from North America.

Watch a video of their black Merino sheep here.

Sophie and Tom Holt run 30 000 sheep on the farm Coonong Station in New South Wales (NSW) and have started a separate black Merino flock. They also process coloured and white wool domestically, and run a wool retail business.

Melissa Henry from the Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of NWS says black sheep are building up a reputation for quality wool that has been a big focus in their breeding programmes, and consumers are looking for a range of naturally coloured wool. – ABC News