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Are your seeds coated with advanced technology?

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  • AgricoteĀ® Advanced Seed Technology has been in South Africa for over 20 years.
  • Independent universities have performed both field and laboratory research for the past 15 years.
  • Continuous development of new coating technology in collaboration with internal partners as well as universities.
  • AGT Foods Africa has developed its seed coating formulations through trial and error and with international partners.
  • AgricoteĀ® ensures ease of seed placement which makes planting more accurate.
  • AgricoteĀ® boosts seedlings to ensure strong plants.
  • AgricoteĀ® increases the flowability of the seed, making it more compatible with new generation planters.
  • AgricoteĀ® ensures better seed-to-soil contact.
  • AgricoteĀ® provides protection against biting and sucking insects.
  • AgricoteĀ® promotes precision agriculture.

Read about the New Plant Breedersā€™ Rights Act and draft regulations.

Read an Afrikaans article about cultivating healthy cover crops.

Insist on original AgricoteĀ® coated seed from AGT Foods Africa or Agricol.

For more information, contact AGT Foods at 011 762 5261, send an email to sales.za@agtfoods.co.za, or visit their website at www.agtfoods.co.za. You can also contact Agricol in Potchefstroom at 018 294 7470 or visit www.agricol.co.za.

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