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A holistic silage approach: Bag Budissa Africa … a leader in silage bagging!

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Budissa silage bagging machinery is the market leader not only in Southern Africa, but also internationally.

The past

Budissa’s history goes back to the beginning, when the Eberhardt Silopress was invented by Dr Eggenmüller in Germany in 1968. The first commercial production started in 1971. Thereafter the patent was exported to the USA in 1975, where the company ‘Ag-Bag’ was founded in 1978. This led to a lot of further development based on the needs of farmers in the United States.

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Around 1988 the Ag-Bag was exported back to Europe and sold through the Budissa Agroservice cooperative, with the first local production in Germany starting in 1998. From here various models, large and small, were invented and expansion to various regions across the globe took place.

The company broke ties with Ag-Bag in 2010 and became Budissa Bag Agroservice, which currently is the world’s leading tractor-driven silage bag machinery producer.

The present

After having been in South Africa for more than five years, the dealership changed hands and arrived at arguably the best home that you can imagine: in partnership with Richardt Venter from Agsci Unlimited, well-known silage consultant and livestock nutritionist.

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A very important part of this move is the first and only field service and full parts distribution network being set up in South Africa.

The unique partnership is strengthened by Richardt’s unparalleled expertise on silage production efficiency and management, which he has acquired over two decades of silage work and consulting on six continents.

Read about environmentally sustainable silage practices that are critical to agriculture.

To truly optimise silage, a holistic approach is needed that takes into consideration all aspects, from planting to feed out of silage. No other silage equipment or bagging supplier can offer this expertise in-house!

The future

Why consider silage bagging?

  • Silage bagging utilises the often-forgotten benefit of CO2, in assisting silage to become anaerobic quicker.
  • Getting rid of oxygen fast and efficiently is everything in silage, and silage in bags therefore completes primary fermentation quicker compared to bunkers or piles.
  • This efficient process ensures optimum silage nutritional quality, minimum losses and palatable silage.
  • Silage bagging minimises risk of contamination as the silage is not touched again after harvesting.
  • Silage bagging removes a large part of the management input and risk around shaping, compacting and covering of bunkers or drive-over piles.
  • Silage bagging saves fuel in replacing all the compaction and spreading machinery with only one tractor that drives the bagger.
  • Silage in bags have no risk of losses or challenges associated with rain during harvesting.
  • Silage bagging prolongs the harvest window, because it can easily cope with drier silage compared to traditional methods.
  • Silage bagging is not only suitable for all silage crops, but even more ideal for high-risk crops.
  • The face of an opened silage bag is much smaller than typical bunkers or piles, enabling the farmer to move quicker through the face and minimising the risk of aerobic instability.

Why should you consider Bag Budissa Africa as your supplier of silage bagging technology?

  • Most experienced supplier: Budissa Bag Agroservice in Germany.
  • Backed by Richardt Venter, international silage consultant.
  • Supported by the first and only field-service for silage baggers, with qualified mechanics trained in Germany by the manufacturer.
  • Full set of parts available in South Africa for all relevant models.
  • Silo-bags available prioritising Budissa machine owners.

Bag Budissa Africa is a trading name of Agsci Agroservice (Pty) Ltd. Contact Richardt Venter on +27 83 590 3014 or budissa@agsci.co.za.

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