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Stockfarm April 2017

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Branding your cattle can go a long way towards identifying meat in the value chain. However, it can also have a major influence on livestock theft statistics. In this edition, we look at the latest stock theft statistics and the extent to which correct branding can alleviate this problem.

Also look forward to articles on:

  • Outsourcing labour risk
  • A Namibian Charolais farm
  • Henri Barry’s Lismore dairy farm
  • The connection between lameness and nutrition
  • Sheep for weed control
  • Choosing the right feed mixer
  • Cover crops for value addition
  • The 2016 Santam Agriculture silage king
  • The conservation of rhino genetics
  • The brucellosis threat
  • Liver fluke and conical fluke
  • Tick-borne diseases in cattle
  • Much more!

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