The extent to which any industry is regulated or not regulated, often determines the participation of its producers and can make or break the industry itself. In this edition WA Lombard looks into the current regulatory environment in the South African agricultural industry, specifically the livestock industry.

 Also look forward to articles on:

  • Problems caused by elephants and predators
  • Farm visits to the Jordaans of the Swaershoek Valley and Dirk Hanekom of Korenhof Merino stud
  • The post-drought state of grazing
  • Recovery of veld
  • Lick supplementation for a grass-fed herd
  • Making the right decision when cutting silage
  • The role of biotechnology in optimal livestock production
  • The ideal feedlot for beef cattle
  • Immunisation against lumpy skin disease
  • Milking equipment and milk production: Financial considerations
  • The identification of animals on farms

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